Our Basic Travel Tips for Barcelona

Getting around Barcelona:

Most sights are within walking distance from our hostel, however, the cheapest option to get around Barcelona and from/to the Airport is the T-10 pass  (10 journeys for about 10€).

This pass is valid on the trains from the airport, metros & local buses and can be shared by a group of people as long as it’s validated proportionally. It also allows a free transfer within 1 ¼ hrs of validation. You can buy it  just before getting on the airport train or once you arrive in Barcelona (at metro stations, some news stands. etc.)

Remember to bring your Student card so you can obtain discounts for some Museums!


Please,  be careful when you arrive in a new city. These are the most common techniques pickpockets use:

a) Distract you by asking for directions, ”hugging you”, calling you ”amigo”, showing you a map or flyer or asking you to sign a “petition”. Just walk away immediately and don’t allow them to touch you or your belongings! It is better not to take any risks.

b) Spill liquid on your clothes and offer “help” to clean it up. Do not allow anybody to touch you!

c) Offer you help to ”carry your luggage”. Keep a good hold on your belongings at all times. Pickpockets  prefer small bags as they are easier to target. Try to ask Metro or store’s employees for directions (not random people).

d) Steal your belongings while you are swimming or distracted at the beach - They might also create a distraction. They are very active even at night time, when couples are busy! Never leave your stuff unattended!

e) Grab your wallet or phone and run away! Some of them may use a motorcycle to snatch your bag (which is not very common, but still be careful, especially if you are sitting at a bar, a terrace or walking on the streets).

f) Pose as ”police” agents asking to see your I.D. and then your money. They might approach you after another person approaches you asking for directions. Or they might suggest that they saw you selling drugs. Just walk away or respond that you don’t have any money on you. Please, do not show your wallet or allow them to search you unless you are sure they are real policemen!

g) When travelling by bus & train around Europe, always keep an eye on your bags. For example, a couple of bags were stolen in Zaragoza during “stretch breaks” from buses running from Madrid to Barcelona.

g) Finally, we advise you not to store luggage in non-supervised lockers at the train/bus stations, because somebody might have previously made a copy of the keys!

To prevent being pick-pocketed, we highly recommend using money belts under your clothes.

You can withdraw money at ATM machines located near the hostel. So you don’t carry too much cash around. If you follow these simple instructions, you shouldn’t have any problems!